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Things to do in the Smoky Mountains


Lets go hiking!


There are so many great trails to hike in the GSMNP, the following hikes are often considered among the best in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park:


Alum Cave Trail: This 4.4-mile round-trip trail is beloved for its diverse scenery and fascinating geological features. The trail takes you through a lush forest, alongside rushing streams, and eventually leads to the iconic Alum Cave Bluffs, a massive concave rock formation. The bluffs offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains, making it a favorite spot for hikers. While the trail continues beyond the bluffs to reach the summit of Mount LeConte, completing the full hike is a much more strenuous endeavor not for the new hiker or someone in new hiking boots!


Charlies Bunion via Appalachian Trail: A classic hike along the Appalachian Trail, Charlies Bunion is a 8.1-mile round-trip trek known for its breathtaking vistas. The trail starts at Newfound Gap and leads you through a diverse forest, emerging onto a rocky outcrop with panoramic views of the Smoky Mountains. From Charlies Bunion, you can gaze across stunning ridges, deep valleys, and even catch a glimpse of the distant Clingmans Dome, the highest peak in the park. It's a moderately challenging hike that rewards you with awe-inspiring scenery.


Rainbow Falls Trail: For those seeking the beauty of a cascading waterfall, the Rainbow Falls Trail is a must-visit. This 5.4-mile round-trip hike takes you through a rich forest with towering trees and follows a rushing creek. The highlight of the trail is Rainbow Falls itself, a magnificent 80-foot waterfall known for creating a beautiful rainbow effect on sunny days. The trail is moderately strenuous, and reaching the falls is a rewarding experience that allows you to marvel at the power and grandeur of nature.



Are you a fishing enthusiast! 


Get ready to embark on an exhilarating fishing adventure in Townsend, Tennessee, where the rivers run wild and the fish are waiting to be caught! They are so hungry the locals use can corn to hook the big ones.

Townsend is a hidden gem for anglers, offering heart-pounding fishing opportunities that will make your adrenaline soar. Here's what you need to know to amp up the excitement:


Wild Trout Galore: Prepare to tangle with feisty and wild trout species that call the Little River their home. Rainbow trout, brown trout, and the elusive brook trout are waiting to test your skills. Cast your line into the crystal-clear waters and experience the thrill of reeling in these magnificent fish, known for their acrobatic jumps and lightning-fast runs.


Fly Fishing Paradise: Townsend is a fly fishing paradise that will ignite your passion for the sport. The rhythmic dance of the fly line, the delicate presentation of the perfect fly, and the adrenaline rush as a trout rises to strike – it's an angler's dream come true. With the Little River's calm pools, riffles, and runs, you'll have ample opportunities to showcase your casting skills and land that trophy catch.


Hidden Streams and Secret Creeks: Beyond the Little River, Townsend is your gateway to hidden streams and secret creeks teeming with fish. Explore the Middle Prong of Little River, known as Tremont, where the trout hide among the rocks and fallen trees. Venture deeper into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to discover secluded spots like Abrams Creek, where the fishing action is off the charts. It's a thrilling quest to find the ultimate fishing spot!


Hook into Adventure: Townsend offers fishing adventures that will leave you breathless. Wade into the water, feel the rush of the current against your legs, and cast your line into the unknown. The anticipation of a strike, the adrenaline surge as you hook into a fish, and the battle to land it will keep your heart pounding. Are you ready for the fishing adventure of a lifetime?


Fishing Guides and Outfitters: Enhance your fishing expedition by teaming up with local fishing guides and outfitters. These experts know the secret honey holes, the best flies or lures to use, and the techniques that will bring you success. They'll lead you to the hidden gems of Townsend's fishing scene, providing insider knowledge and ensuring that every cast is an exciting step closer to landing your dream catch.

So gear up, grab your fishing rod, and get ready to embark on an adrenaline-pumping fishing expedition in Townsend, Tennessee. The wild trout and expert guides await you, promising an unforgettable adventure that will fuel your passion for fishing. Get ready to write your own chapter in the thrilling fishing chronicles of Townsend!



On to the next Adventure!       Do you like to volunteer?


Are you passionate about the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GSMNP) and want to make a difference? Get ready for exciting volunteer opportunities that will let you unleash your love for nature and contribute to the park's preservation and visitor services.

Explore the wild side and lend a hand in the following exhilarating roles:


Trailblazing Warriors: Become a trail maintenance volunteer and conquer the rugged terrain as you keep the park's extensive trail system in top shape. From clearing brush to constructing steps, you'll be part of the team that ensures hikers can navigate the trails safely and enjoy breathtaking views.


Visitor Center Heroes: Be the go-to person for curious adventurers by volunteering at the park's visitor centers. Share your knowledge about hiking trails, wildlife sightings, and the rich history of the park. Hand out maps and brochures, making each visitor's experience exceptional.


Litter Crusaders: Join the ranks of roadside cleanup volunteers and be a force of nature against litter. Protect the park's pristine beauty by removing debris along the roads. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that you're creating a clean and inviting environment for everyone.


Science Sleuths: Become a citizen scientist and embark on exciting research projects within the park. From monitoring birds and insects to assessing water quality, you'll collect valuable data that contributes to vital research and conservation efforts.


Nature Educators: Channel your passion for the environment by volunteering in educational programs. Inspire school groups and visitors with interpretive programs and guided hikes. Share fascinating stories about the park's flora, fauna, geology, and cultural heritage, leaving lasting memories for all.


Historical Guardians: Preserve the park's past by participating in historic preservation projects. Restore and maintain historic buildings, document significant sites, or conduct research to unravel the secrets of the park's rich cultural history. You'll be a guardian of the past and a storyteller for future generations.


These thrilling volunteer opportunities in GSMNP allow you to be an active participant in preserving one of the most majestic national parks in the United States. To learn more about the current openings and how to apply, call (865) 436-1265 or visit the official GSMNP volunteer webpage at https://www.nps.gov/grsm/getinvolved/volunteer.htm. Get ready to make a difference while creating unforgettable memories in the Great Smoky Mountains!


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